Divorce and Family Law Glossary


Definition of terms commonly associated with divorce and family law in the UK

Affidavit – .. formal declaration oath before the court

Additional Relief – financial orders that a court can do as well as a requirement for divorce . Apply to England and Wales, additional financial relief is claimed came from a spouse through the courts when requesting a divorce

CAFCASS -. Children and Family Court Advisory and support services. A meeting with CAFCASS officer will be ordered if the application to the court is made for any order affecting the child, such as contact or residence

Civil Partnership – Civil Partnership Act 2004 means that same sex couples can now file their cooperation and have rights and responsibilities similar to marriage

Clean Break -. only one that describes financial measures between husband and wife. There can be no subsequent claim for maintenance if circumstances change

reconciliation – .. A type of mediation that takes place in court and help couples to sort out arrangements for their children

Contact – the arrangements for child or children to visit a parent who no longer lives with them after the divorce has taken place. Contact can also be indirect contact such as phone calls and letters

Cross-prayer -. A situation where the arguments put forward as a reason for divorce differences between the petitioner and the respondent

Decree Absolute – said command Nisi and final order issued by the court bringing the marriage to an end

Directive Nisi -. an interim order issued by the court. Command Nisi is the first stage of the divorce and shows that the court is satisfied that the grounds for divorce has been confirmed

Disclosure -. In providing the court the full financial details of personal income, assets and liabilities

orders -. court require or prevent the person from taking action. Sanctions are usually put in place for people not to follow the order of

Joint Tenancy -. A picture of a jointly owned home or other assets. When two or more persons own the property as joint tenants and one owner dies, the owner automatically takes ownership of the deceased owners share

Maintenance -. Money spouse pays to the other for continued financial support. Mediation – a process that a neutral third party assists those involved in a divorce to reach an amicable agreement

Job Order – a court confirm or deny the right of a person to occupy the property. The occupation is possible to exclude spouses from home or a certain part of

Pension Sharing -. The division of pension between two couples

Petition – document request for a divorce

Petitioner – a person who starts the divorce proceedings by filing a divorce in court

marriage contract – a formal written the contract concluded with them before marriage set out how the assets will be divided in cases of divorce. Also known as a prenuptial agreement

Residence Order -. A court order that says where and with whom the child will live after the divorce of their parents

Separation deal -. Written agreement presented Couples recording financial agreement they have reached. A separation agreement in principle upheld by the court, but it may be set aside if there has been a significant change in the situation of one person

Statement of arrangements for children -. Sets out proposed arrangements for children after the divorce. The form is sent to the court along with divorce

Subject – .. So to prevent the Court from knowing about any previous negotiations between a divorcing couple that does not lead to an agreement


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