Divorce Lawyers – 3 Tips to prepare for the first meeting with a lawyer


Men come to family law attorney at all stages of separation. Maybe you’ve already been submitted divorce papers and an indicator to show cause, or you are looking for some immediate relief from the domestic situation for you or your children, or you are just considering your options and would like to know the legal your rights. In all these cases, it is very important to consult with a divorce lawyer. However, hiring a lawyer can be both expensive and difficult. Each business practices it’s own form of advocacy and has its own interest and reputation. To help you decide if this business is for you to help your lawyer give you the best advice, you should follow these three tips in the first meeting.

1. Talk openly with your lawyer

At the first meeting with a family law attorney, you should talk openly with him. I often see clients who have a hard time talking about their personal problems, but remember, a family law attorney, I’ve heard just about everything that can go wrong in a marriage. Do not be afraid to tell the whole story, including any facts that go against you, or the mistakes you’ve made. The conversation with you lawyer is confidential, even if you do not end up hiring him. With the full story, the lawyer is in a better position to tell you the best course of action.

2. Express your goals and wishes with your lawyer.

It is also important to express your goals. Why did you meet with a family law attorney? Are you fit into any of the above categories? Are you just trying to get a picture of the rights, or are you interested in starting divorce proceedings today? Some want a lawyer will be no holds-barred advocate, while others would rather have one that will show restraint in the presentation. By providing preferences on how the lawyer will represent you, you can get a feel for the style of a lawyer and get a better understanding of how it works.

3. Be prepared for the meeting.

Lawyers love to charge for their time, and it add up fast. The more you prepare the less time you will have pay for a lawyer to prepare. When you come to a meeting, be prepared with some information about property issues, debt, support and custody. Be prepared to answer questions about you and your spouse’s financial situation, bank accounts and how you filed your taxes. If you have any documents such as tax returns, bank statements, mortgage statements or leases, you should bring them to the meeting for ready reference. If you have all the information in order, should you decide to hire a lawyer, you can have the papers copied the same day. Similarly, if your spouse has already started divorce proceedings, bring any legal documents you have received.


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