Elder Law and Legal Considerations caregiver Thoughts


There are so many laws on the books to protect elders sometimes prevent us from helping them. Still, there are reasons for all these laws that they are one of the most vulnerable elements of our society and so they attract Criminal Minds out for a quick profit. It is difficult to protect elders from being raided or have their property confiscated, and every time we take another law to protect some scams come up with other ways to cheat them out of their life savings.

The elders are so sensitive we must be very careful to protect our older family members from financial and physical crime, and believe it or not there is often a family member who makes roving assets on their family members, somehow in the belief that it is their close, or take a pre-inheritance stipend, which often comes in a very generous gift, older may or may not even realize they are giving.

Even when older is aware of what is happening, they often forget situations, are coaxed into it, or are in any way threatened, it is truly disgusting the more you learn about how this is accomplished. Another reason for the caregiver is often suspect and this is a hard thing to take for honest caregivers. Still, caregivers who are not family members are most likely to take off or cause damage to older or older.

Other areas of elder law have increased in recent years is medical fraud involving overzealous operations and functions are laid and charged to Medicare or insurance companies, thereby jacking up health care costs for everyone. Then overbilling of ambulance services, hospitals, and other services.

Of course, there are also outside scamsters as damaged telemarketers, sales people and trying to befriend the elderly to get them to give them money for something they do not really want or money for something they will never get. This is why older songs are so strong, even though at first glance they seem to be quite annoying. Please consider this.


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